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    Intimate Experience With An Advocate

    Hello friends. Welcome back. Till now u have an idea about me. I am sadmirer from pune 5’11” average built guy. U can mail me the reviews on [email protected] women from pune if u wanna meet then I will be happy to help. I have had a fair share of sexual experiences in life. I am here to narrate the real incident of my life.

    This story is about how I had a sexual experience with a 46 yr old gujju married lady. I was on an social app for more than 2 years. I talked to few women. One of them was J. she was an advocate. We talked for a few months, got to know each other. Sex is nothing without feelings and I am sure all my female friends will agree with me. Even though its an one night stand. There needs to be a spark in sex. she started trusting me and shared her problems with me.

    Once I told her that I would like to meet her now. She was a little worried and hesitant but I managed to convince her. Her son was in school who will return in evening and her husband in the office. I reached her place in the morning 10. Waited for half an hour after her husband left. As soon as I ringed the doorbell she opened the door and dragged me in. that was first time I was seeing her in person. Before we had only exchanged pics. She was short,a little fair, fat on right places. She was nervous and I could sense that. So we talked for some time. Then I signaled her to sit beside me and I held her hand in my hand and caressed her.

    Then I leaned forward to kiss her lips and she closed her eyes. I knew she also wanted it she just needs a start. So I kissed her for few mins. She didn’t respond first, but then even she started kissing wildly. Her saliva was all over my lips. I started kneading her breasts above her blouse. I had requested her to wear saree as it gives a sexy feel. I then removed her pallu and opened her blouse. She was wearing a green bra. All this time I was continuously kissing her lips,face,ears,neck. She was moaning “aaaaaaaahhhh”.

    I then removed her saree and petticoat. She was in her green bra and black panties. I then removed all my clothes. Even being an experienced lady. She was shy to hold my dick. Then I understood I am second guy other than her husband she is having sex with. I then stripped her from her inners. Then i kissed her nipples, pressed it hard. Pinched her nipples, she was just making noises. I played with her breasts for half an hour. Then I moved my hand to her pussy which had small pubic hair on her. As soon as I touched her pussy she let out a huge moan.

    She was playing with my dick and went down and started sucking me wildly. I was very much surprised with her wild side. It felt like as if she will tear my dick out. I was enjoying a lot and after some time I cummed and she drank all of it. I then started to return the favour. So I made her lie on the bed and kissed her pussy. She clenched the bedsheets and I started sucking her clit. She was building the orgasm and then I inserted my finger in her pussy and hit her g spot. She started shouting”aaaaaaahhhh, yeahhhhhhhhh, oh yesssss, suck meeeeeee.” After a while she came a great amount. I drank all her cum. I know its disgusting to some people but I like making a woman cum and drink it.

    She started saying that she could not wait more. So I placed the vanilla flavored dotted condom on my dick and started rubbing my dick on her clit. She started moaning “aaaaaaahhhh, yesssssssss, daaaaal ddoooo” begging me to insert but I liked her begging so I teased her more. She then with her leg pushed me and my dick was in her pussy. It slid with a little difficulty as she did not had sex with her hubby for months. It just pained the first insertion then she got used to my dick. I started ramming her slowly and then fast alternately. She was enjoying a lot I liked her moaning and her facial expressions as she was biting her lips. I could not help myself. So I started kissing her and playing with her boobs harshly. After some time fucking her in missionary I wanted to change to my favourite position, DOGGY STYLE. She was not used to it but she liked the idea. I was ramming her pussy deep with my dick and she was shouting now.

    After a while we both came together. her pussy was clamping my dick tightly and it felt really great sensation around my dick. After cumming, we got up and had a shower. No guesses, we had another round in the shower, it was difficult as she was short but we managed to have a great time. She asked me to hurry up as it was her son to return from the school so I had to hurry. We just met twice more as she didn’t want a problem in her life. I respected her decision as it was not a problem for me.

    But those experience with her were great. Every experience I had with women I had a new thing unfolded about the sex and the approach. Even women have right for satisfaction but could not voice it just because of pressure. But if u want I will be very helpful to help you with secrecy maintained.

    Women from Pune can mail me on [email protected] and you can also send your reviews. I would like to thank ISS for giving us a platform for sharing our experience


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