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19 مايو 2016
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Sex With My Innocent Mom, Chitra

Hello guys, I am Rahul from Kovai, Tamil Nadu. I have completed my engineering in a local college and now working as a design engineer trainee in a nearby local company. I am 22 years now, fair and have an average body type. My height is 6.2 feet and I have a 6.5-inch hard tool that makes all girls feel the real heaven of sex. Any virgin, non – virgin, married, divorced, widows, aunties, teens mail me for hot and secret sex. Mail ID: [email protected], [email protected]

My family consists of my mom Chitra and Myself. My father divorced my mom and married another woman when I was 2 years old. Mom is working as a senior grade school teacher in a nearby private school. My mom is 45 years old and she looks hot, fair and beautiful. She is jovial. She looks like a woman in her early 30s. I never had any bad intention towards mom.

As all mom and son relation, we had a pure relationship and then this incident happened. I was a reader of ISS stories from my school days and was addicted to these stories and used to masturbate thinking of my class girls and teachers relating to the story. It was fun for me. I read Indian sex stories in the teacher and office section. Soon the stories in this section started becoming boring for me.

At that time, I didn’t know the meaning of Incest. I entered in Incest section and initially, I thought it was awkward. But soon I became a fan of incest section. Incest stories gave me more pleasure than any other sex stories. Due to this, my interest in studies was lost. I was scoring low marks in exams. My mom was worried about my studies and future.

I lost interest in the girls, whom I think while masturbating and also wasn’t able relate the girls with Incest stories. I started to think my mom while masturbating. Initially, it was an accident but, soon she became my model. I used to masturbate thinking her while reading stories and while watching porn.

I attained the ultimate pleasure while thinking about her while masturbating. The feeling of imagining sucking the boobs which fed me milk when I was a baby and touching the walls of her pussy using my tool and inserting my tool in the pussy from which we came out, was giving me a lot of pleasure, hard on, instant ejaculation without masturbation.

One day my mom caught me reading incest stories. It was the month of November, just 4 months before my 12th board exams. She beat me a lot for reading sex stories and also, she was upset that I was reading incest stories and that too the story was between a son and a mom. She was really shocked and stopped talking to me as punishment.

I scored fail marks in November monthly exams. Though my marks were low, I never failed until then. My principal called my mom to the school to talk about my marks. He told my mom that her son was good at studies until his 10th standard and even till the mid of 11th standard. He also told her I was scoring good marks during that time but now I was not concentrating on my studies.

“As you are also a teacher, I wanted to inform you before I gave him TC or prohibiting him to write the exams”, he said. “This is my last warning, please advise your son to score some good marks”, he finished.

When we reached home mom broke the silence and advised me to study and not to concentrate on other stuff. I said to mom, “mom, I have tried a lot but I am unable to overcome the situation. I may overcome this if I had some real fun”. Guys, I didn’t know how I said that. She was shocked hearing my words.

With some courage, I said: “please help me, mom. Just once and I will concentrate on my studies” and lip locked her. She pushed me and slapped me hard and started crying and went to her room. She didn’t talk to me on that night.

Next day, in the morning she came to me and with a hard heart, she said: “I am ok to satisfy you but on one condition”.

She told me that I should score good marks in my board exams and then only she will sacrifice herself to me. She said it with tears in her eyes. “You have 3 months Rahul. You have to score good marks and only then you will get what you want”.

I was happy to hear that from her but it was a difficult to score good marks in just 3 months.

I started to concentrate on my studies to get my gift. Somehow I improved my scores from fail to moderate marks. I knew I wouldn’t be able to score high marks just like that but I tried my best and it was not only for the gift from my mom, but it was also because I was really interested to score high marks.

So I had given my best in the final exam and was waiting for the results. To my surprise, I scored 1120 marks! I had marks for both medical and for engineering. I never expected such good marks and was expecting marks around 800 to 900 marks.

My mom was happy and also sad that she had to fulfill her promise now. She cooked food which I liked the most but she was not able to face me. I said, “mom, I am very happy today and hope you will fulfill your promise”. I boldly told her to get ready for first night after dinner.

We had dinner and I told her to get ready and went for a walk. She took bath and got ready wearing a silk saree and jasmine flowers on her head. I reached home, took bath and went to her room. She was looking beautiful in that saree and was looking like a bride.

I locked the door and went near her. She was sweating and we sat on the bed. I moved closer and hugged her and kissed her soft juicy and rosy lips. Wow! What a feeling it was. She was not responding to it with her full mind but I didn’t mind.

I removed her saree pallu and pressed her boobs over her blouse. Those were big and I was unable to hold it. She let out a moan and I pushed her on the bed and became nude. I removed her blouse and untied her petticoat (paavadai) and removed it along with her saree.

I then lifted her red bra above her breasts but she quickly tried to hide her assets with her hands. Her pussy was covered with her dense pubic hairs, and boobs were like cake with a brown jerry fruit on it.

I asked her, “mom did you push me out through this hole?” and touched it with my finger. A shock wave passed through both our bodies. She moaned and nodded yes. I sucked and pressed her boobs one by one and was fingering her pussy. Mom was moaning keeping her eyes closed and her facial expressions made me crazy.

I kissed and licked the hole from which I came out and took my hard dick and inserted into her pussy without a warning. I fucked her for a good 20 minutes, ejaculated in her pussy itself and finally laid over her. We both were exhausted.

After some 30 minutes or so, I fucked her again but this time, I ejaculated on her boobs and licked and sucked it. We slept off after that.

When I woke up, it was 3.30 am. I saw my mom sleeping beside me kissing my forehead. She had wore the saree back.

When I woke up in the morning, she had already taken bath and was sitting in the hall with a dull face. I went to her and asked, “did you enjoy last night, mom? How was your son in the bed?”.

She didn’t say anything. I laid on her lap and pressed her boobs and said, “mom, feed me please. I am your baby now”.

“Rahul, we did a sin and I am feeling guilty now” she said and started to cry. I tried to console her and took her to the bedroom.

“Listen mom, sex is a way of expressing love. We have expressed it last night and I know you enjoyed it”.

Saying this, I quickly got nude and raised her blue saree till her waist and kissed her pussy. I removed her blouse and pink bra and made her fully naked and fucked her again. I asked her, “so did you like it now mom?” She nodded yes. I asked her, “in that case, shall we go for another round?” She said ok.

I asked her to be on the top time. So, mom sat on my dick and was riding her son.

We both were enjoying every moment from then. I have even made her pregnant for a few times in the last 4 years but aborted to avoid any issues. She once said to me, “even your father never fucked me these many times and you are making me physically happy”.

One time after fucking her and when we were lying on the bed, I was fingering her pussy and she was stroking my cock. I asked her,”mom why don’t we have children and have a family?”

She laughed and said, “how can we have a family, Rahul? I am your mother! What will the society say about us.”

I said, “I don’t care, mom. I want you to be with me forever.”

Then I told her that I have made some arrangements to settle in the UK where I and she can get married. After a lot of thinking, she agreed to my plan. I made her pregnant again and I told her not to abort the child as we were shifting to the UK.

Hope you all enjoyed!

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