Indian Sex Stories Magic Sex With My Aunt (Veliamma)!

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    Magic Sex With My Aunt (Veliamma)!

    Hello! I am back with another indiansex story. This time it’s about what happened between me and my veliamma. My veliamma was a fair lady with glasses and all. She was a bit on the heftier side but was a good lady nonetheless. Her tits were huge and shaped like watermelons. We use to drool ever since she was in her 40’s.

    Her nipples were pointy and I think they could cut glass when she was horny, lol! She had a sexy belly and I love that in a woman. Since she was a housewife and an aging woman, she didn’t care much about her body. But I liked it anyway. And yes, she was hairy, in all the right places.

    It all started when I went for a movie with her family. On that night, she was sleeping next to me. She was facing the other side and I was not asleep. I looked at her body and sniffed her. What an exotic smell she had! It gave me a hard-on. I decided to get closer and put my cock between her ass cheeks. I started rubbing my body to and fro along hers and after a while, she moved a bit. So I got scared and went to sleep.

    The next day morning, I opened my eyes to a great sight. One of her boobs was out of her nighty! I kept looking at it and admiring it; the shape, the beautiful color, and that chocolatey nipple.

    Then I moved my gaze up to her face to see two eyes staring at me. I almost shit my pants.

    I got up hurriedly and went to the bathroom. The whole day I was avoiding her glance. I felt awkward.

    During the night, I went to sleep a bit early and her husband wasn’t at home. She asked her kid who was sleeping next to me to move so she could sleep in his place. I pretended to be asleep but a thousand thoughts were running through my mind.

    Suddenly, I felt a hand moving my blanket partially off my body. I opened one eye in the dark to see her hand from the back. She managed to move the blanket and inched closer until her bum reached my crotch. I could feel that she wasn’t wearing any underwear that time and thinking about it gave me a hard-on. She felt it too I guess because I felt her ass moving up and down my cock.

    I decided to put my hand on her soft belly. I rubbed her belly just under her navel and she suddenly grabbed my hand tight and put it on her boob. Guys, I was literally in heaven. I moved closer, my cock going deeper until I could smell her hair. I kneaded her tits which barely fit my hand. And I could hear soft moans from her.

    My dick was throbbing and I could not control myself. I hiked up her nighty exposing her ass and removed my shorts. I used my right hand to cup her right boob as I reached across to spread her legs from the front for my cock to go in.

    Then I touched her pussy as I spread her legs and she resisted. I was pushing my cock from behind. She pulled her nighty down and turned towards me. She held my cock and came close to me and whispered, “Tomorrow”. I said ok and she stroked my cock for a while and went back to sleep.

    The next day, I woke up late and after my bathroom routine, I went to the kitchen. She was there. I then realized no one was there except me and her. She was washing dishes and I went behind her and squeezed her tits. I thrust my cock into her from behind and pulled her by the chest towards me. I kissed her neck gently as I played with her tits. Then I turned her to face me and pushed her towards the wall and smooched her like there was no tomorrow.

    I unzipped her nighty and pulled it over her head. She was wearing an old torn white bra and gray panties. I tore her bra off and pulled her panties down. My hard-on was pushing against my trousers so hard that it hurt. Her body, her hairy armpits, and pussy drove me mad with lust. She stood there covering her tits. I got rid of my clothes and she looked at my cock with wide eyes.

    I turned her towards the stove and went down on her. Spreading her ass cheeks apart, I licked her pussy. It was wet and salty and I loved the taste. I tongue fucked her pussy and poked my finger into her asshole. I could hear her moaning and her pussy was getting wetter by every second. My erection was going down a bit so I asked her to suck my cock and she knelt down immediately.

    She was quite the pro as she took my cock in one gulp. I held her head and pushed my cock back and forth her warm mouth. I almost came inside but I pulled out. Then I made her stand up. She was tearing up with spit along her chin. My cock was all slippy with her spit. I decided I would make the best of the lubrication she gave me. I propped her up onto the kitchen top and with one thrust, my cock went in.

    She screamed as she held me close and I pumped her with all the force I could muster. Each thrust with her going “Uhh… Uhhh… Mmmff… Mfff…” and it drove me crazy. I pulled her down from the counter and tried doggy with a twist.

    I put her right leg up on the counter and held her tits as I fucked her pussy. Her warm juices were running down my thighs. I wasn’t wearing a condom. I didn’t care. Neither did she. Even if she did, I don’t think she would have been able to say anything!

    I humped her for a while looking at her tits swaying to and fro like juicy pendulums. I was about to cum and I took my cock out and jerked off on her bum. She was so pleased and she turned around, panting. She had a sexy look in her eyes. We washed up after that. We had lots and lots of sex after that. I loved every bit of it.

    Thanks for reading! Mail your criticisms and what not, to [email protected] And by the way, please don’t ask for my Veliamma’s contact number. I don’t wanna share that .

    And ladies reading this, (if there are any, that is I know most of you read this but never say anything out of some fear or something I guess. Maybe? Or maybe I’m wrong) and who want to have some fun in and around Coimbatore. Please text me on my email or Kik/snap me

    See ya!

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