Indian Sex Stories My Cousin, Ankita, Became My Sex Partner

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
My Cousin, Ankita, Became My Sex Partner

Hi all ISS readers. As I’m not a writer and never got good marks in story writing in school too, forgive me if I made any mistakes in writing. My name is Aashish, age 24, 5.11 height, little muscular, with 6-inch dick.

I’m from Pune working with IBM, a well-known company. I am madly in love with incest sex. As I had sex with my cousins and aunt too.

This story is about one of them. It happened in December 2017. Ankita, my cousin she was 18 years old studying in 12th. She has a nice pair of boobs and she is 36-30-34, fair with thick black hair.

Let’s start the story.
I belong to a joint family with 7 members, my parents, her parents, me, Ankita and grandmother. I have a working family. Only Ankita and my grandmother stayed home all day. Some of the weeks I also stay at home as my shift changes month wise.

I love incest from childhood since I started to know about the sex. But never had my eyes on Ankita. Ankita’s college timing was 7 am to 12:30 pm. She used to come home by 1:00 pm.

It was a Monday. My shift timings were changed. It was from evening 5:30. So I was home that day. She didn’t know that I was at home. Even I didn’t know that her exams started the same day.

So she came early, at 10:30 in the morning. My grandmother was sitting in our society garden with her old lady group. I was in my uncle’s bedroom naked with my aunt’s bra in my hand shagging my dick with it. I was lost in my dreams of fucking my aunt in her bedroom on her bed.

Ankita entered the house I heard the main door close. I saw her coming towards the bedroom. So I hid behind the curtains where she couldn’t see me. She came inside and started getting undressed.

First I closed my eyes but as my dick was hard my mind said look at her. My eyes were glued to her. She removed her skirt first then I saw her milky things, then she removed her shirt.

She was wearing some white colored cloth inside when she removed that she was wearing a white bra. She was just in her undies. She was looking fab, fully fair body, with big ass and big boobs which were dying to come out from her bra. My penis got so hard that it was paining so I was massaging it.

And while she was looking in the mirror and adjusting her bra, she saw me. She shouted, “Dada, what the hell are you doing?”

I was afraid and hid fully behind. She covered herself with a towel and said “Come out from there and get out of my room. Don’t you have any shame looking at your own sister while changing clothes?”

I still stood behind the curtains because I was naked. I said, “I’m not wearing any clothes.” Before I should complete the sentence she pulled my hand. I was standing naked in front of my sister with an erect dick.

She was shocked looking at me in that condition holding her mother’s bra in my hand. When I looked at her she was looking at my dick which was pointing towards her. 2 to 3 seconds of her look got my dick harder.

She covered her face with her hands and turned other side and said in a low and soft voice, “Dada what were you doing with mom’s bra?”

Me: Sorry Anki please don’t tell anyone about this.
Ankita: Ok I won’t tell anyone about this. Now please leave.
Me: Thank you.

I left and went to my room. I got dressed and came into the hall and was watching TV. Ankita came out from the room. She was wearing a red colored t-shirt and a black skirt which covered her full legs. She sat on the other end of the sofa. After 10 minutes of silence, she spoke.

Ankita: Dada what were you doing there in the bedroom with mom’s bra?
Me: Anki I said sorry it won’t happen again yaar.
Ankita: I’m just asking don’t be afraid I won’t tell anyone about the thing you were doing.

Me: Ok. I got an adult video on WhatsApp group so I got excited and was doing the thing which you saw.
Ankita: then why you don’t leave that group where such kind of video are there and what was there in the video?

I was feeling a current in my body when she was asking questions. The bad feelings started in my mind and my dick was raising.
Me: You don’t know what is an adult video is?
Ankita: No, I don’t know.
Me: Porn video.

Ankita: Can you tell me what is the meaning of porn video and what all they show in that?
Me: Go and google it you will come to know what’s there in it.
Ankita: No I won’t google. Show that video which you got on WhatsApp.

Me: No you can’t see on my phone
Ankita: Show me or I will tell mom about the thing which you were doing in the room with her bra.
Me: You are blackmailing me Anki?
Ankita: yes if you won’t show I will tell everyone in the evening.

I was excited from the inside. I showed her the porn video I can get a chance to fuck her.

Me: If I show you I want something in return
(Before telling her my dick was hard and was making a tent in my shorts.)

Ankita: I’m the blackmailer then why should I give you something in return?
Me: Coz while watching that video you will feel something different in your body and to stop that something, you will need my help.

Ankita: What will happen?
Me: I can’t explain it coz I’m a boy you are a girl and the feelings are different in both genders.

She was smiling and I knew that she knows everything about porn as nowadays even school children know everything about porn.
Ankita: Ok I will give you in return but it depends on what you want.
(I was excited and she saw my tent in shorts and smiled.)
Me: Ok.

So I started the video of Dani Daniels which I downloaded from kickass torrent and give the phone in her hand and sat near her. I was looking at her expression how it was changing. She was too busy watching the video I was looking at her boobs.

Her boobs are bigger then Dani Daniels. She was fast forwarding the video and started playing from where the male was licking her pussy before entering her. Ankita’s body was getting warm and I could sense that.

Slowly I kept my one hand on her thighs whispered in her ear, “I can lick you better then he is licking Dani’s pussy.”
She was still watching the video. I came down on my knees and took her left leg in my hand and started kissing from her ankle and slowly was moving up. She looked at me but didn’t say a word. Her expression was different and she was feeling good.

I was raising her skirt up slowly and was kissing and licking. When I reached above her knees she closed her eyes. She was enjoying. I opened her leg wide and was kissing her inner thighs. When I reached near panty, it was wet.

I was removing her panty and she helped by raising her ass. I removed and threw her panty aside and kissed her pussy. She had hairs but they were small and soft. The aroma of her pussy made me wild. I pulled her down a little bit.

She covered her face with her hands and said: “Dada it’s wrong to have foreplay with your sister.” But I was not in the mood to listen. I started licking her pussy and she started moaning.

Her voice made me go wilder. She held my hair and pressed more on her pussy. After 5 minutes she came in my mouth. Her cum tasted so good I licked all of that. I got up and kissed her on lips and said, “You have great taste Anki. Do you like it?”

Ankita: Dada it was good and what you did that was awesome. I felt like I was in heaven.
Me: I can give you this kind of feelings daily.
Ankita: Dada please can you lick my pussy one more time?
Me: Yeah sure, but first I want to see you naked and you have to give me a blowjob.

Ankita: Naked?
Me: Yeah don’t you see Dani was fully naked in the video?
Ankita: No, are you mad? I can’t be fully naked in front you dada.
Me: Just now I saw you half-naked and licked your pussy Anki.

Ankita: But dada foreplay is ok in brother and sister. Even Abhiruchi kisses his brother. (Abhiruchi her friend) But if I got fully naked we will go further and end up having sex like that.
(She was pointing the finger to my phone and Dani was being fucked hard.)

Me: Anki I will not put my dick inside you without your permission I promise.
Ankita: Ok and what is a blowjob?

I reversed the video and showed her how Dani was blowing her partner in the video.

Me: This is a blowjob
Ankita: Shiii dada I can’t take that your such a big thing in my mouth.
Me: You have to take that in your mouth like I licked and drank all your cum, You have to do the same thing. Just suck till I ejaculate in your mouth.

Ankita: Dada can we go slow? Kiss me, see me naked and even suck my boobs how much you want and lick me but blowjob next time, please.
Me: How will I get satisfied with my load inside?
Ankita: There must be some other way to cum you other then blowjob.

Handjob was the option but I was not going get my cum by handjob, even I can masturbate.

Me: Another option is to have sex then.
Ankita: Ok then I will give you a blowjob
Me: we can do both you suck my dick and I lick your pussy same time in the 69 position.
Ankita: Now what is 69?
Me: I will show you just let me remove your clothes.

We started kissing and I removed her t-shirt. In one go I removed her bra and saw her boobs. They were awesome. I said, “Anki you are blessed with such awesome and big boobs.”

I started sucking her boobs like mad, one by one. She was moaning, I was not able to suck her boobs properly coz we were standing. I remove her skirt pushed her on the sofa. I removed my shorts and underwear in one go. I jumped on her and sucked her boobs.

I came between her legs while sucking her boobs. She was moaning, “Dada suck it hard more, more.” My dick was touching her pussy and she was moving her ass like a wave. I was in cloud 9 coz I don’t need to teach her to move her ass. She was doing it on her own.

I was feeling like to put my dick in her pussy and fucking her like hell but was controlling. I asked her, “Anki should I put my dick inside you please?” She said, “Yeah fuck me hard, dada.”

Her pussy was already wet. I was pushing inside her but then she told me to “Stop don’t enter, please. I need to be a virgin for my husband.”

I stopped and told her, “Ok now 69.” She said, “Dada I’m sorry but you need to stop coz if we don’t stop I will not able to control myself. We will end up having sex.”
I said, “But what about me Anki? I too have to be satisfied”
She said, “Ok I will give you a blowjob.”

I was in a t-shirt only. I got up and sat on the sofa. She came in between my legs and sat down on the floor, on her knees and said: “Start the video. I want to see how to give a blowjob.”

I showed her the video and now she was ready to give me a blowjob. She took my dick in her mouth with closed eyes and started. My skin got back and she opened her eyes looking at me.

I was moaning, “I like that baby fast hmmm.” she picked up the speed and was sucking my dick like a pro. After 3-4 minutes I was about to cum. So I held her hair tight and started giving a hard push and loaded all my cum in her mouth.

Her mouth was full of cum and some of my cum was flowing out from her mouth. I told her to swallow it and clean my dick with sucking neatly. She did it. I was very happy.

She sat on me making her legs one side each and started kissing me hard and rubbing her pussy on my semi erected dick. I was pressing her boobs with the left hand and helping her to move her ass with the right hand. My dick got a hard-on again.

She whispered in my ear,”Let’s try, push your dick inside me, I want to get fucked by you dada.” Current flowed inside me and I was trying to enter but the doorbell rang.

We separated, she picked her all clothes and ran inside the bedroom. I wore my underwear and shorts in no time. I opened the door like I was watching TV and Ankita was in bedroom studying. Grandma was there.

And this was just the start. What happened next I will write in the next part. Hope you guys enjoyed my story. Soon I will be posting to be continued.

Mail me and tell me how you like my story. My mail ID is [email protected]

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