Indian Sex Stories My Friend Harshita – 2 (Her Quest For Lust)

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    My Friend Harshita – 2 (Her Quest For Lust)

    Read the first part and continue your enjoyment with this.

    After Harshita left, I was in my room thinking about everything that happened, I really enjoyed my time with her but I wasn’t satisfied to the core.

    In that instant Harshita called and told, ” I somehow managed up to get inside in time, my warden was scolding me for being so late but all I could think was tasting your cum that was flowing from my pussy. Just as my warden stopped I rushed into my room, I saw my roomie and walked to my washroom, stripped down, pushed two fingers in my cunt, I then licked it like anything till I ran out of cum.”

    Between all this, I never realized that I had my dick in my hand. I was stroking it. She added, “Hey Mr, don’t pull up your hopes now. We’ll meet after my classes tomorrow, no more fucking sessions for you,” and then she said goodnight and hung up.

    I stroked myself till I came and went for a bath. After that, I was thinking if she comes tomorrow what will I do to her. If she doesn’t come in the morning how will I fuck her again coz this time she might not open her legs for me so easily. I slept with all those thoughts running in mind.

    I woke up directly in the morning coz someone was knocking the door. I walked up and open the door and no one was there that made me really angry. I closed the door and someone was knocking it again. I checked through the door’s magic eye but someone was blocking it.

    I opened the door and in an instant, someone hugged me tightly. I realized it was Harshita. I hugged her back, closed the door and started kissing her. We kept kissing for a few minutes. Then she slowly broke it and said, “Wait, we have the whole day babe.” We laughed and walked towards the bed and I was still amazed that she really was here.

    H: Well what are you looking at?
    Me: I’m just thinking is this a dream or what
    H: What do you think? (she bites my lips slowly)
    Me: Ahh, Fuck Its True. But why the heck are you like this?

    H: Like what?
    Me: Why are you wearing a bright red bra and this thin white shirt, people who would have seen you in the way would really having dreams of tearing your shirt and licking your boobs.
    H: Haha, someone’s gonna do more than that today I hope.

    Me: So where should we begin with?
    H: Babe, first you need to brush and get fresh. Then we can think.

    I brushed and quickly freshen up. I came out and she was sitting looking at me and I walked closer to her. She said that she has decided some rules that I had to follow, if not then she’s leaving. I had to agree to her and asked her to tell the rules.

    She said, “One. Everytime you cum, you have to do that in my mouth and I want to taste every last bit of you. Second. We will use the word ‘White’ as the safe word to stop what we were doing. Third, It’s the most difficult task for you, Until I have the first orgasm you can’t touch me. I’ll do things on myself to bring myself to orgasm and you have to watch me.”

    She added, “If you break the last rule and touch me, I will leave, and if you could do that I’ll be here with you till you leave for the airport tomorrow. So are you ready for it?”

    Me: I guess I have to and I think we should make this memorable so we will click as many picture and record videos.
    H: Sure, so let me first begin. you better stand away from the bed.

    I stood up a few feet away from the bed. I had my phone on for recording her video. She turned around, bent down and started shaking her ass, twerking like a professional and my dick was already so hard. She continued with it and slipped her jeans halfway her thighs.

    Her red panties made my eyes glued to her ass. She continued it for the next few minutes, removed her jeans and threw it on me. Then she removed her shirt. I was so attracted to her, I would have wasted no time in fucking her but I had to wait so I continued recording the video.

    She massaged her boobs over her bra for some time, started shaking them looking at me and finally took her bra off. Then she moved one hand over her pussy and spread her legs and I could see a wet patch on it. She started fingering herself with her panties still on.

    She took out he fingers that were completely covered with her juices and pointed them at me. For a moment I forgot about the rule and walked forward to lick it but I stopped inches away from her and moved back. She giggled and licked them. She removed her pantie and her glistening pussy was right in front of me.

    Before she could proceed I told her, “Don’t you think, it wrong one of us is nude and one is completely dressed. The rule says not to touch you so I can strip down and touch myself isn’t it ?” She laughingly agreed and within a few seconds, I stood naked, stroking myself from one hand and phone in another hand that recorded video.

    She inserted two fingers inside her pussy and started fingering herself, soon she added one more finger and was moaning directly looking at me. I couldn’t control myself and kept the phone aside to keep recording the video. I walked towards her and pinned her under me.

    She looked at me strangely and still having her fingers inside her pussy. I didn’t care if her pussy already had something and guided my dick in it. She was forced to pull out her fingers. I gave a hard push and my dick head was inside her, I tried kissing her but she had shut her mouth completely so started licking her face, cheeks, and neck.

    I rammed my dick harder in her pussy really hard and she screamed on top of her voice and at that moment I put my mouth in her and started kissing insanely. I started thrusting in and out and increased my pace and within 3 minutes she had the first orgasm of the day.

    I was so driven by sex that even I couldn’t continue for long and came in her pussy in next 2 minutes. I left her mouth but my dick was still inside her now semi-erect and turning flaccid. She screamed, “You bastard, you could have finished off in my mouth.”

    So I took out my cum covered flaccid dick and stood next to her. I held her by her hair and pushed my dick on her face and without saying anything she licked it clean and only after that I left her hair.

    H: You really are bastard
    Me: So that means you’re leaving?
    H: Yes, You need to be punished
    Me: For real?

    H: Your punishment will be to fuck me so that I wont be able to walk properly for a few days.
    Me: Bitch, you had me there
    H: Hahaha, I knew you could never control yourself
    Me: you planned everything huh, ok now it’s my turn.

    I picked her bra and told Harshita to keep her hands behind. I tied them as best and tight as I could. I picked her pantie and rubbed her pussy soaking the mixture of my cum and her juices and shoved it in her mouth. I told her to be here as a good girl and that I’m going out to get a few things. I took my bag and locked her in the room and went out.

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