Indian Sex Stories Ultimate Stimulation Part 3 (Hit My Prostate)

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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Ultimate Stimulation Part 3 (Hit My Prostate)

In the earlier issue of this incident that I am writing for you guys, I stopped where I restarted sucking his dick. Again some sucking and he was finishing his second cigarette. Once it was finished, he said, “Get up and turn around. Doggy.”

I requested him to do it slowly because I have pain and inflammatory sensations still while getting penetrated and fucked in the arse. He said, “Ok. I will put it slowly inside. Don’t worry.”

Me – For the first time let me sit on it myself, I want to have control over the pain I feel while it enters first.

Ankit – As you wish.

He moved towards the cupboard from which he had earlier picked up his cigarettes and this time he picked up a bottle of oil. He brought it and placed it on the floor beside the cot.

“Hey, I have a lube which I use. Though it doesn’t totally, it reduces the pain because it numbs the region where it is applied for some time.”

He said, “OK. Let’s see it,” and then went to his backpack. In the other corner of the room, on a chair and took out a pack of condoms from inside it. He came to the bed and asked me to suck his dick again. I did as he told.

He was getting harder and so he pulled out a condom from the pack and rolled it onto his dick. And then asked me to, “Come on.” I took out the lube I brought with me and put it liberally on the condom and also some good amount of it into my ass hole.

Now I kept the lube aside and started to try to sit on it. It’s not easy always. The men sometimes fail to understand that skin around the hole on the outside is not made to take too many stretches. And while I was trying to sit on his cock, he started pushing it.

Instead of going into my ass hole, his erect dick was pushing on the skin around my ass hole and I asked him to give me time to take it in once. Then he may do as wants. He got relaxed.

I was trying to make myself sit on his dick but his positioning was not easy. I asked him to hold his hard dick erect towards the sky while I try sitting on it. After few failures, he and I both took it seriously and eventually, I did sit on it in slow phases, in measurements of millimeters and got penetrated.

Since even after his dick was inside my ass to the maximum I can take, I was feeling the pain and inflammatory sensations. Due to this, I requested him, “Give me few minutes to get numb. Just a few minutes please.”

Ankit waited as I was cringing in the penetrated sensations in my ass. Once I started to relax, he held me by the lower back and looked at me. I smiled at him. Then I started rumbling my ass on his groin, him inside me. He was smiling while touching my waist sides.

Then slowly for 5-6 times, I tried riding his cock, by getting up and sitting back in the position, while his cock inside my arse. In this position, he started making pushes into me while I was getting down on him. I could feel the pain and intense friction inside me despite the numbing gel.

Maybe it was still not totally working in me. Then once I was numb, I informed him that he can now fuck me. He pushed me back while he started to rise, ask the while his cock inside me. This is like a reversal of roles.

I was now lying on my back and he was sitting between my spread thighs, his groin under my ass, while he is sitting perpendicular to me. A right angle. That’s when he took over control. He started pushing in slowly and gradually went grinding inside.

But somehow it was the second time in my life that it happened, he hit my prostate. And yes, only those who experienced it know what stimulating the prostate can feel like. Electric currents inside you. Starting from inside the lower back. The bottom twists because of this shocks inside.

The sweet pain this is. Not every fuck makes sweet pain. It is only when the prostate gets hit that the pain becomes as if drugged, pleasure in pain. You can’t stop making short noises when it gets hit. You would sound like a Japanese porn actress on screen. Not exaggerating or racist.

That’s what it feels like. And the fucker only gets more excited when he does it to the bottom. Enough of the lesson. Let me get back to what I must do for this site. So he started grinding my prostate. I was moaning loud and twisting my body. He was getting turned on while I was squealing out of the sensations.

He then turned me around on my tummy. I was now in a position wherein my lower half of my body was on the bed and the upper half of my body was hanging from the side of the bed. In addition, he put a pillow under my waist, this made my ass even more exposed to his quest.

And it only made me more vulnerable to the stimulation. Not complaining. I haven’t had another prostrate stimulation after this. It was a super sweet experience getting fucked in the real pleasurable sense. I wanted to write in much detail but it already is 3 parts here. I didn’t want to extend it more. Sorry.

There is more detail to this incident. The fucking needed to be more detailed but I feel like completing this episode now. Write to me through [email protected] for anything.

Hopefully, I will get more experiences with prostate stimulation. Guys who know how to really make pain pleasure in a bottoms ass please ping me. There are only very few geniuses who can find that treasure in our body. Keep your dicks hard.

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