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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Nauka Vihar – The Erotic Boat Sex Ride – Part 2

This part is a continuation of the 1st part, so, if you have not read that please go through it. This, just like the 1st part, is also a narration of another such real incident. So it will have dialogues in Bengali, as and how they took place. For your convenience, I will give the English translations side by side.

It was 6 months post this incident and Mimi had planned another visit t,o Siliguri on her birthday. Meanwhile, we had discussed the incident many times between us and every time becoming all the more aroused by the whole incident.

Just to give a recap about Mimi, who was my girlfriend – she is a chocolate girl and is very beautiful. The beauty you would probably see in Bengali telefilms or serials. A very candid and fun-loving and at the same time a bit kinky personality personified both of us.

So, the day came and Mimi came to Siliguri again and we were having a casual beer and smoke in my Siliguri balcony at night after cake-cutting and all. The topic of that incident again popped up and I became turned on.

Mimi: Why did you stop me from sucking Laltu that day?
Me: Don’t know. Had I allowed you, would you have done it?
Mimi: Maybe, maybe not. Since I am not at that place it is difficult to comment now.
Me: Should we try that again?

Mimi: Why not? Since both of us enjoyed it a lot.
Me: Then let’s go tomorrow.
Mimi: Great. But, on one condition.
Me: What?

Mimi: This time you will have to go with the flow. You cannot stop anything from happening. If it is to happen, you will have to let it go.
Me: Means, if you want to suck Laltu, I will have to allow it, right?
Mimi: Why only suck? What if ‘s’ is replaced by ‘f’?

Me: Really?
Mimi: You never know what he will want, right. Especially after what happened last time.
Me: But, you don’t want it, right?
Mimi: I told, ‘you cannot stop anything from happening. Even if Laltu does something.

I was confused.
Mimi: Oh Come on. Don’t be a spoilsport. You cannot decide everything in voyeurism. There is no fun then. The anticipation helps in the build-up in voyeurism. If you want to show your girlfriend off to the public, then it has to be a bit off-guard at times.
Me: Ok (with apprehension).
Moreover, it was her birthday.

Next day morning we took a cab to Gajol Doba and on the way called up Laltu. He was very happy to hear from me and told that he will keep everything ready this time – beer and all. I was wearing jeans and kurta while Mimi was wearing a Pink translucent saree with blue sleeveless blouse.

She was looking ravishing like never before in her highlighted-silky-straightened-hair. As we arrived, Laltu came forward to take us. He told that he had arranged for beers for the trip already. We were happy to see the arrangement.

Another guy was also sitting in the boat, who also came forward with Laltu. He was standing behind him. I could sense that he was poking him from behind as if urging him to tell something.

Laltu: Dada o amar bondhu, o jabe bolchhe. O r ekta bhalo spot to jane ektu dure. (Dada, he is my friend, he also wants to go along with us. He also knows a better spot a little far away.)

Me: Laltu, ager bar to tumi gechhile. Jano amra ektu ekakitto pochhondo kori. (Laltu, you have gone with us last time. You know that we want some privacy.)
Just then Mimi said: This ache jak na osubidhe ki ache. Better spot o pabo. (It’s okay, he can come along. We will get a better spot even.)

I was about to say something, but then I remembered the condition put forward by Mimi. I was very apprehensive of the day so, I even brought a few condoms, just for safety, just in case things go that way. I just looked at Mimi and she gave a naughty look.

Mimi: Voyeurism Level-2 honey.
I just smiled. I was definitely getting aroused and the smile was an affirmation.
We reached a spot. It was almost like the last one, just a bit larger and a bit in the interior. It took us around 20 minutes to reach the spot.

On the way, we got introduced to Babu, the new member in this group. He normally works as a boatman and does fishing. In the meanwhile, I also asked both of them to hand me over their mobile phones, in order to maintain complete secrecy. I took them and switched them off.

We started the beer party and got into the groove in 20 minutes when each of us was 1 bottle down. I and Mimi were sitting side by side on the middle plank and Laltu and his friend Babu was sitting in the other plank opposite us.

Mimi: (Whispering) Ki bepar aj eto bhodro? (What’s the matter, you are so well-behaved today?)
I just smiled.
Me: Ki Laltu, aj eto bhodro hoe bose achho. Bondhur samne lojja? (Laltu, why are you so well-behaved today? Are you shy because of your friend?)

Laltu: Na dada. Ami ki korbo. Apni e to kichhu korchhen na aj. (No Dada. What can I do, you are only not doing anything today.)
Me: Aj ami kichhu korbo na. Ja korar tomra koro. (Today I won’t do anything. You all will do everything today.)

Both the guys were shocked to hear it. I winked at Mimi.

Me: Why should girls have all the fun? Why just voyeurism, what about cuckolding?
Mimi: As you wish. As agreed, neither do I stop nor do you.
Me: Let thy will be done. Laltu, Babu, age kokhono kono rendi chudechho? (Laltu, Babu, have you ever fucked a prostitute before?)

Babu: Haan dada ekbar gechhilam amra dujone. (Yes Dada, ones we 2 went.)
Me: Koto taka niyechhilo? (How much did she charge?)
Laltu: 400 taka. (Rs. 400)
Me: Dekhte kemon chilo? (How was she?)

Laltu: Thik thak. (So-so)
Me: Didir moton? (Like didi?)
Babu: Ki j bolen dada? Didir moton koto hajar nebe janen. Amra bhabtei parbo oto taka debar kotha. (What do you say, Dada? Do you even know how many thousands will a girl as Didi will charge? We can’t even think of giving that much money.)

Me: R 400 taka te didi k pele? (And, if you get Didi in Rs.400?)
Mimi: Are you trying to sell me off to them? (with a cunning smile)
Me: As agreed dear. The fun is more.
Paltu: Pele r k chhare bolun. (Who will leave, after getting it.)

Me: Beer tomra enechho, otar taka r dichi na. Oi beer er bodole e aj didi tomader rendi. Jao moja koro! (You guys have brought the beer, I won’t be paying for that. In exchange for those beers, Didi is your prostitute today. Go enjoy!)

Hearing this they both came forward. I needed to give them the room and I moved to their place.
Mimi with a smile: Sudhu ekta jinis. Ekhun r Didi bole dakis na please. (Just one thing. Now, just don’t call me Didi.)

Laltu started by kissing her, as this was not allowed last day. He kissed her deeply and Mimi also reciprocated well. At the same time he was playing with her right boob and her left boob was being devoured by Babu and he was un-wrapping his ‘gift of the maagi’.

Within minutes Mimi was in her red bra and panty and was a sight to devour. They opened her inners and made her naked and took out their cocks and made her sit between them and asked her to suck their cocks.

Mimi (with disgust): Nnnnhhh, Dhowa noi. Gondho berochhe. (Nnnnnhhh, It’s not washed. It’s smelling)
Paltu: Chup saali randi. Raanr maagi abar bole dhowa noi. (Shut up you fucking whore. The whore is saying that it is not washed.)

Mimi with a smile: Not bad Paltu. Ekkebare Didi theke ‘saali randi’. (Not bad Paltu. You directly went from Didi to ‘Saali Randi’)
Saying this Paltu held her hair tightly and shoved his dick in her mouth.

Paltu: Uuuuff dada eita ager din koranor hebby ichchhe chilo. Apni korte den ni. Sali randi chos. (Uuuffff. I really wanted to do this last day, but you did not allow it. Suck you fucking slut.)
Paltu was holding her hair tightly and face-fucking her.

Babu: Khanki magir aj gud fatiyei debo bara. (I will tear of the pussy of this whore.)
Mimi: Baapre eto khisti dis tora? (My God, you guys use a lot of slang.)

Babu: Paltu khanki magir mukhe dhoka bara ta. Sali abar bok bok kore. Aj beshya toke kinechhi. Toke chude fatiye debo. (Paltu, put your dick inside her mouth. She is talking a lot. We have bought you today, whore. We will fuck and tear you apart today.)

After making her suck their dicks for 25 minutes they made her lie on the plans. I knew they would fuck now. So, I took out the condoms and threw it to Mimi.
Mimi: Cuckolding level – 2. Babu, Paltu control ache toder? To bina condom ei korte debo. (Babu, Paltu, do you have control on yourselves? Then I will let you do without the condom.)

Babu: Sob ache.uuffffff sala erokom rendi bara taka diye o petam na, je laora eto thapon er rosh, j nijei bolchhe condom chhara korte. (We have everything. Uuuufffff, We would never have got a whore like this with any amount of money, who is so slutty that she herself is asking us to do withouta condom.)
Mimi smiled and threw away the condoms.

Babu: Bhai dekh gud ta theke rosh goriye porchhe. (Bro, see her pussy is dripping with her juices.)

And actually, she was leaking her juices. Babu slowly inserted his thick 5-inch dick. Though it was smaller than mine, but was a bit thicker and thus made her pussy stretch. Mimi was not finding it difficult to accommodate, as she was accustomed to my dick.

But she was enjoying it very much. In the meanwhile, I have taken out my cock and was caressing it, as I was finding it difficult and uncomfortable to keep it in the stronghold of the underwear.

Paltu seeing my erection: Oh teri, Dada tomar o to khara hoe gechhe. (Oh Dada, you have also got an erection.)
Me: Bhai esob er o alada e moja ache. Tora bujhbi na. (Bro, these are a different kind of pleasure. You won’t understand.)

Mimi peeped a bit in between her fuck with Babu and said: Enjoying the sight of your girlfriend being devoured by these 2 guys?
Me: The answer lies in the hard on. Touch and feel.
Mimi touched and said: I guess it has never been so hard.

Me: Paltu tumi bose achho keno? Jao jokhon Babu chudchhe, tumi ektu chusiye nao Didi k diye. Eto din er shok tomar. (Paltu, why are you sitting idly? While Babu is fucking, you can ask Didi to suck yours. It has been your dream for long.)

Paltu with a wicked smile: Didi noi dada, randi bolun. (Not ‘Didi’, call her slut Dada.)
Me: Seta ami bolbo na. Haan, ajker jonno tomader r or somporko setai. (That I won’t say, but yes, for today your relationship with her is that of a slut and her customer.)

Paltu went and inserted his cock in Mimi’s mouth. After 15 minutes Paltu and Babu interchanged their position. Paltu with his 6 inches dick started ramming her with full speed. In minutes he was seeming to climax, as he was already experiencing Mimi’s professional-level blowjob for 15 minutes.

Just then I saw Mimi put her legs around Paltu’s hips, so as to bring him closer and stop him from going out and she was pulling him closer with every stroke.
Paltu: Berobe ebar amar. (I am going to cum.)

Mimi did not say a single word. She was intensely looking at Paltu. I was unable to believe that she was actually wanting to get impregnated by these guys. In a matter of few seconds, Paltu ejaculated with a roar, and it was all in her pussy. I was totally surprised to see it.

Mimi swooning: Cuckolding Level – 3. Cumming inside the pussy.

Paltu moved back and sat beside me. I saw his semen flowing out of Mimi’s cunt. I was not in a position to say anything, but one thing was true, my dick was flowing with pre-cum. Though I was afraid that she would get pregnant.

Paltu: Babu ebar tor turn. Kono control er dorkar nei. Khanki maagi chai or gud ei maal feli. Ami fele diyechhi. Tui o fele pet kore de magir. Dekh dada o sei moja nichchhe. Rosh gorachchhe bara diye. Tui ebar emon chod, jaate Dada r randi tar ek saathe maal pore jae.

(Babu it is your turn now. Don’t have to show any control. The slut wants us to cum inside her. I have cummed inside her. You also cum and impregnate her. Dada is also enjoying the show. See his dick is filled with pre-cum. You Fuck in a way, that both Dada and his slut cum together.)

Babu then went and inserted his tool inside Mimi and started ramming her like mad. He definitely had more energy than Paltu. He fucked her in the missionary position for 10 minutes and said: Maagi oth, uthe kutta hoe ja ebar. (Get up slut, and be in the doggy position now.)

Mimi putting her hands on Babu’s cheek: Babu ki jaan nebe amar? (Babu, are you going to take my life now?)
Babu: Kutta ho kutti. Aj tor gud Jodi na fatiyechhi. (Be in the doggy position you bitch, I will tear your pussy today.)

Saying this he started ramming her from the back. He fucked her for another 15 minutes in the same position, at times spanking her and pinching her nipples from time to time, with Mimi letting out swooning sounds and moans.

Babu: Dada vitore felbo na baire? (Dada, should I cum inside or outside?)
Me: Amar problem nei. Vitore felte paro. Paltu to ekbar felei diyechhe. ( I don’t have any problem. You can come inside her. Paltu has already cummed inside her ones.)

Saying this I also started masturbating. And he increased his speed and I knew he was going to cum inside her pussy, and so was done. In another 10 seconds, he flooded Mimi’s pussy with his seeds and both of them fell on the plank and stayed there.

Seeing this I also ejaculated heavy amount of semen and seeing this both Babu and Paltu laughed. I took out my mobile and took a picture of the naked trio, with Mimi in the middle holding both their dicks.

However, little did I know that this was just the beginning; and I have just opened the lock-gates of a huge dam. What followed was just out of my imagination. However, that will be narrated in the parts to follow.

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