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    Erotic Night With A Hot Bangalore Girl

    Hi fellow readers and writers of ISS. This is Manoj back with another real erotic story. Hope everyone enjoys my new sex story and reach their respective climaxes!

    So I was using this social media (Kik) app for around 2 years by now. Here, people just try their luck to get laid. Most of them are fake accounts. I couldn’t find anyone who was willing to get laid. But I was in constant contact with one specific girl. Let’s call her ‘Mansi’.

    This girl and I had been friends. She had also shared her live pictures. So it was confirmed that she wasn’t fake and she lived in Bangalore. We use to sext frequently but couldn’t meet as I went to study in a different place. She is actually from Mumbai but works in Bangalore and stays alone in a 1BHK house.

    She resembled the gorgeous actress Kajal Aggarwal but she was a bit shorter than Kajal. Mansi had firm boobs and a tight ass to which anyone would crave all the time. She was fit and had minimal fat in her body.

    We used to video call and masturbate each other getting naked. She used to share her nude pics. She was 3 years elder to me and wasn’t a virgin.

    Mansi used to go for parties, have fun and fuck a buddy. She used to share those pics too with me. I use to tell her what I will do when I meet her and she use to masturbate to that also. This horny girl used to tease me by sending bikini pics of hers. We became very close like sext buddies. I would go mad of her thighs as she had sexy thighs.

    A few days back, I had vacations and came back to Bangalore. We had been texting every night. On one night around 10 pm, our conversation went like this –

    Me: I wish I was there beside you.
    Mansi: You know what!! You are always allowed to come to my room. Dare you! :p

    Me: Okay, give me the address then. ;)
    Mansi: *address*.

    Me: Will be there in less than 1 hour. Keep the doors open, baby!
    Mansi: waiting! (kiss icon)

    I immediately took a shower, dressed up and went straight to her house. She was in her nightdress without inners and her nipples were clearly visible.

    I went inside and as soon as she closed the door, I grabbed her ass and kissed her neck. She gave a light moaning sound. Then she turned around and we started smooching, kissing and licking each other’s face. She stopped for a moment and reminded me that we had the whole night for ourselves and I don’t have to hurry.

    We made ourselves comfortable and sat on the couch. She poured herself a drink as I don’t drink. We started chit-chatting until her drink was complete.

    She slowly started teasing me by revealing her cleavage. We both were sitting close and so started cuddling each other. I held her waist and started kissing and smooching. I was completely engrossed in her and I even started sucking and licking her face. Then this sexy girl started rubbing my cock over my pants. Meanwhile, my hands swiftly went to her boobs and grabbed those firm melons and pinched her nipples. She sighed.

    I pulled out her t-shirt and started to suck on those melons like a hungry beast. This went on for a while and she started undressing me, removed my t-shirt and pant. My cock was already in full stretch making a tent. She went on her knee, pulled my boxers and started blowing me. Oh my god! It was heavenly and the most satisfying thing on earth – getting the best blowjob from a hottie.

    I held her head and started stroking my dick with her head. I didn’t want to cum and spoil the fun for just blowjobs.

    Then it was my turn. She guided me to her room and she laid on the bed with her legs open, inviting me to eat her out. I first gave her a nice fingering. She was damn wet in there and started moaning. I started licking her clit with my tongue, her moaning got intense.

    Mansi held my head very strong and pressing my head to her pussy. This went on for a few minutes until she was fully wet and like she was almost dripping off her juices. I started kissing and sucking her beautiful thighs. I even bit her at a few spots on her thighs and I got abused by her for that! We went on to try 69 and enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Now my dick was ready and her sweet pussy was also ready. She gave me a condom. I wore the condom and teased her by massaging my dick on her pussy lips. This hot girl couldn’t control and took my dick in her hand and started guiding my dick to her hole. The feel was amazing! I slowly entered her pussy in a missionary pose and started my act of too and fro movements.

    Her moans were louder and so was the intensity of my banging. I fucked her very hard and started to increase my pace. I shut her mouth by kissing her, pinned her legs on my shoulders and started fucking her. She was moaning, “Huhhh huuuuu hhuuuuh hmmmm baby yes yaa yes hah hah hah yes yes yes haaaaa fuck baby yes omg yes haaaa”.

    After some time, we tried doggy style. I held her waist and started fucking her. I spanked her a few times and that ass was perfect. In between, I held her boobs and started fucking like a mad dog. She was moaning a lot and even I started to moan.

    I fucked her in different positions and I came at last. Mansi was drained of all the energy she had. But I needed more of her still. We switched to role play and were cuddling for a while. My dick was again back to its strength. I again started fucking her in all different positions. I also tried to go for anal but she was too tight. So we couldn’t do that. I came again and slept on her with my dick inside her pussy.

    We were pretty exhausted and I slept over at her house and was done for the night. We got up very late and she was extremely happy the next day and we went out for lunch. She bought me a watch as she was satisfied and we had to part ways.

    The END.

    * * *

    Thank you for your patience. I hope you people enjoyed my erotic story thoroughly.

    Your honest feedback makes me share my experience with you guys. So give your feedback at my email – [email protected]

    Ladies and girls can text me on hangouts if you want to know me.


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