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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
A Late Night Drama

It was a little late than expected. I was returning from a friend’s house which was a little far from my home. I had booked a cab while going and had planned to do the same for the way back. So, I had overstayed a little at my friend’s place. But I did not get any cabs while returning. So, I took a bus and it dropped me almost hallway to my home. Still, no cabs were available when I checked online through my phone. I decided to walk and try to get some cab or auto from here to my home.

Already it was too dark and I was kind of getting scared. Even though the street lights were on, there was not a soul on the road, other than one or two random vehicles going on the road. I wanted to ask for a lift to some of the vehicles passing by but was a too scared to do so. As I walked on the direction of what I thought could be a junction, a white bolero swished past me and stopped suddenly a little ahead. Then it reversed back to where I was standing. A little scared, I stood still at my position. I saw the blue coloured switched off siren on top of the bolero. I heaved a sigh of relief as I released it was the police.

The bolero stopped beside me. There was a lady police officer and a male constable in the bolero. The constable was driving the vehicle. The officer rolled down the window and asked, “Where are you going at this time of the night?”. I explained the situation I was in. “Ok. Get in. We will drop you at your home”, she said. I gladly got into the back seat of the bolero. While we were moving through the road, the officer asked to the constable, “Is your shift done?”. “Yes madamji, I will drop you off and then go home”. “Ok, then drive straight your home. I will drop you first, then drop this girl home and then go to my home. Your house is nearby right?”. “Yes madamji. Just around that corner”. “Ok good”.

The officer was driving the vehicle and I was sitting by her side. “It is dangerous for a beautiful girl like you to be out at this time of the night”, she said, smiling at me. “Sorry madam”. “My name is Priyanka Trivedi. Just call me Priya”. “Ok. And I am Ayesha”. “Nice name”, she said, smiling again. ‘Was she hitting on me?’, I could not tell.

She was eyeing me from top to bottom. I was wearing a blue coloured top with white flower prints on them. It was sleeveless and collarless with low cut back as well as front. Below, I was wearing a tight denim three-fourth jean. My hair was left open. I had a pair of small ear rings on me. A small necklace was wound my neck. A thin single anklet was around my right ankle. A bracelet was around my left wrist. All my jewellery was in gold. I had a pair of white adidas sneakers on my feet. I sat there with my mind racing faster than the speeding vehicle.

“So, why are you wearing just one anklet?”, she asked. “Hey, how did you notice that. It’s too dark right?”, I was surprised. “Police dear. We notice everything”. “Oh ho. Then tell me something more. Let me see how good you are Mr. Sherlock Holmes”. “Sure dear. I can tell you that you are not wearing any bra”. I was shocked. I instinctively placed my arms over my breasts. ‘How did she know?’. “How did you know? About the anklet and the bra?”, I asked, filled with curiosity.

“Simple dear. When you were entering the vehicle, I saw that in the mirror. You are wearing three-fourth. It was not hard to notice that”. “But what about the bra?”. “Oh that! Remember when we dropped the driver, you got down and climbed on the front”. “Yes”. “Well, as soon as you got out, you tied your shoe laces with your feet on the foot rest of the vehicle at the front, before climbing in”. “Yes”. “At that time, I saw your breasts”. “What?”. “You top is a little loose and low cut. I was clearly able to see your breasts when you bent low to tie the lace. You see, as the door was open, the interior light of the jeep was on too”, she explained as if solving a murder case. I sat there shocked. ‘So, she was eyeing me from the beginning itself’, I thought to myself.

“Is it too far from here?”, I asked her. “You don’t even know the route?”, she asked bewildered. “Nope. I came down in bus. So, no idea”. She laughed out aloud. “You have got some guts dear”, she said, laughing again and again. “Just some 15 minutes of drive now”, she confirmed. “Ok Priya, is there any restroom nearby? I need to pee urgently”, I said. “At this time of the night? I think you should hold it for 15 mins”. “No no. I can’t. I have been holding it for so long”. “OK ok. I will stop the jeep on the side. Just go out and do your thing, ok?”. “In the open?”. “Just go inside a little bit. Nobody will come and even if they do they can’t see a thing”. Without any other option, I nodded my head and Priya immediately brought the jeep to a standstill at the edge of the road.

“Shall I go inside?”, I asked her doubtfully. “Yes. Go fast and come”, she nodded. I walked into the bushes slowly. It was completely dark and I could hear the crickets sounding in the distance. I was so tensed that I was not able to remove the jeans. I unbuttoned the jeans and was finding it hard to pull it down.

I was so tensed, that I was losing balance every time and almost fell to the ground. I walked back towards the vehicle. She was standing there, leaning on the vehicle, having a smoke. “Done?”, she asked. “I was not able to remove my jeans in the dark”. “What?”. “I need to sit down. Can you help me pull it down?”, I asked her softly. “Ok. Sit on the jeep”, she said, putting down her cigarette on the ground and stamping it.

I was sitting on the seat of the bolero with my legs stretched out. Priya came around to my legs and caught hold off the unbuttoned jeans. “Phew! It’s so tight. How did you wear it in the first place?”, she asked. I just gave her a shy smile. “Ok. I will remove your shoes first”, she said and pulled off my sneakers one after the other. She threw the sneakers inside the bolero and caught hold of my jeans again. I raised my hips and she slowly began to pull down the jeans. Finally, it came out free in her hands. She placed it on the head rest of the seat and said, “Now go. Come fast. It’s getting very late”. I nodded. Barefooted and in my top and panties, I walked into the bushes again.

I quickly finished my job and ran back into the vehicle. She was sitting at the wheel. As soon as I got into, she started the vehicle and hit the road. “Priya”. “Yes”. “I need to put on the jeans”. “Ok. Go ahead”. “No, I have to get out. I need to stretch my legs. There is very little space here”. “Common yaar. We are already late. You can wear it when we reach your home”, she said, visibly pissed off. I nodded and said nothing. I sat there looking straight ahead. She was driving with her one hand on the wheel and the other on the gear. She staring intently on the road, going a tad of the speed limit I guess.

Suddenly I felt her hand on my thigh. She had let go of the gear and her hand was fully on my thigh. I felt the roughness of her palm on my bare thigh. I smiled to myself as I knew that this was coming. Not getting any objection from my side, her hand began to slide upwards to my panties. I was worried about the fact that she was doing this still driving at a very high speed.

I caught my breath, as her hand began to rub on my inner thighs, coming in close proximity of my panties. I moaned with pleasure as her hand pressed my pussy over my panties. “Place your legs on the dashboard”, she said. “But my feet are dirty”, I replied. “It’s ok”. I placed my bare feet on the dashboard. Her hand began to rub against my legs, from my feet, on to my thighs and to my pubis area, her hand ran along, without missing any inch. I smiled with pleasure and looked at her hungrily. Her eyes were still on the road.

Suddenly she stopped the vehicle on the side of the road. She came out of the vehicle and opened my side of the door. She lifted me off the seat and made me stand on the ground. She was so strong and rough. She lifted me as if I was a bunch of flowers. I stood there in my top and panties, waiting for the action ahead. It hit my head that it was public road and anyone could see us, that too she was still in uniform with a police vehicle. It all added to my excitement.

I was so horny just thinking about having sex with a police officer on the public road. I waited for her to start. She too seemed impatient as she quickly removed my top and threw it into the bolero. Without wasting another minute, she pulled my panties down, whisked them off my feet and threw it into the seat with the top. She closed the door of the bolero and looked at me from top to bottom. I was standing there completely naked, on a public road, as she ran her eyes over my naked body, examining and photographing each and every tiny part of my nude body with her eyes.

She pushed me to the side of the vehicle. She was so rough. I liked it. She bent down and bit my nipple. I screamed in pleasure as her teeth pulled my nipples. She was not wasting any time. I leaned myself on the vehicle with my hands behind my head pushing my breasts towards her. She held my breasts with her hands and slowly sucked my soft little nipples. One or two cars passed by and I looked around to check if they had stopped. They did not. But she did not seem to care and went on playing with my small breasts.

Still holding my breast with her one hand and sucking it, her other hand moved lower on my body. Her hand moved over my belly, over my navel, over my lower stomach and stopped just at the tip of my pussy. Softly, she pressed the clit of my pussy. I moaned loudly as I felt my body tremble when her hand pressed my clit. She started slowly massaging my clitoris. I opened my hips, inviting her in, as her fingers began to pick up pace. I moaned louder and louder. Suddenly she stopped and I stood panting hard checking her next move.

She lifted me off the ground and placed me on the top of the hood. She then spread my thighs with my feet on either side. She held my hips with her hands and pulled my ass close to her. She bent low and kissed my pussy. I almost collapsed on the hood. I lay there on the hood with my hands trying to find something to hold on to, as she sucked and pulled at my pussy lips with her lips. I moaned louder and louder as her lips tried to catch my tight pussy lips and pulled them.

She slowly tried to insert her tongue between my spread pussy lips. My moans had become animal cries now and her tongue flicked over the top of my exposed pussy. I felt myself getting out of control as the tip of her tongue send electric shocks throughout my body. Sensations starting from the between of my legs began to rip my body apart as I cried and shrieked at the same time unable contain the excitement. I had forgotten that I was being licked on the hood of a jeep, parked on the side of a public road.

I was panting hard and sweating profusely as the too familiar sensations build up inside my stomach. My pussy felt like a dam holding a strong current of water. I felt the start of my orgasm as little droplets of my fluids escaped through my pussy. She must have felt the wetness on her mouth too, as her tongue flicked faster and faster. Unable to control any longer, my pussy opened the shutter gates.

I moaned loudly, when thick fluids gushed out of my pussy. I pushed my hips wide open and arched my back, as my pussy began to leak my fluids outside. Her mouth was sticky with my liquid. A little bit of my fluids was on the hood of the bolero. A few drops still lingered on the edge of my pussy, still wondering whether to fall down or not. I leaned on my elbows trying to catch my breath. She pulled me down on the ground and made me stand facing her. I looked down shyly, as she placed her hand between my legs and then hungrily licked her fingers wet with my wetness.

She leaned against hood and unzipped her pants. She pulled her pants and panties down to her knees and looked at me. I understood what she wanted. I went and squatted between her legs. Her pussy was very hairy. Thick black curly hair covered her pubis covering up her pussy. I held her thighs and had to pull myself up a little in order to reach her between her legs. I pressed my mouth on her pussy.

I felt her pubic hair on my lips. She moaned with pleasure and pushed my head between her legs with her hands. I began to lick her pussy. Within a couple of minutes, she was horny as hell. She began to gyrate her hips. She held my head in place and moved her pussy up and down my mouth. I was not even able to move as she went on rubbing her pussy on my mouth, moaning in tandem with the movement of her hips.

I hoped she orgasmed faster as her pubic hair in my mouth was really irritating me. She did not seem to mind at all. She had her eyes closed and was pulling at her breasts under the shirt with her one hand, while the other was used to hold my head in position. It was kind of a turn on for me as, we were on the side of a public road.

Anybody passing by could have seen us. I was squatting, completely naked in front of a police officer, licking and sucking her pussy. What a sight it would have been for the passer-by’s. I smiled and smacked my lips at that mere thought. She was moaning louder now and she had clasped my hair with her strong hand. Finally, her body began to tense and she let out a muffled cry.

I suddenly felt the wetness of her pussy on my lips. It was salty and revolting. That was the first time that I had tastes someone’s wetness. I felt like puking. “Lick me dry”, she ordered. I had no choice. I licked her pussy for some time getting all her wetness into my mouth. Suddenly, she pulled me up. I rubbed my mouth with the back of my hand trying to get the revolting taste out.

She pulled up panties and buttoned up her pants. She buckled up her belt and looked at me. I was still standing completely naked. She held my face with her hands and placed a soft kiss on my lips. That was the first time she had kissed me and it felt so good. I hugged her tightly and she hugged me back laughing out aloud. “Ok. Put on your dress now. We have to get going”, she said. She helped me with my dress. I got into my top, wore my panties and with her help got into my jeans as well. “Your shoes too”, she said. “My legs are dirty”, I said, lifting my one feet and showing it to her. She laughed at this. She opened the door of the bolero.

She lifted me by holding my hips and placed me on the seat with my feet outside. She took a water bottle form below the seat and began to wash my feet with her hands. “Such soft legs you have”, she said, cleaning my feet with the water. “Thanks”, I said, smiling at her. “You are such a beautiful cute girl”, she said, just she finished cleaning my feet. “Now wear shoes you naughty”, she smiled, as she pushed my feet inside and closed the door.

We were back on the road. She was much more in a relaxed mood now and I liked her very much. She was really a good person. “So, Ayesha. Your vacation has just started right?”. “Yes”. “Would you be free for a day. A complete whole day?”. “What’s the plan?”. “My friend has a place outside the city. A little far but very beautiful place. Kind of like a farm house. I was thinking if we both can go and spend some time together, if you are ok with that?”, she asked doubtfully.

“Sure Priya. No problems. Just have to make sure that my mom is not around for that day. That’s all”. She was so happy. “Ok cool. I will give you my number. We will plan for something in a few days, ok?”. “Sure, but would you be free?”. “That I have to manage. But don’t worry. We will go”. She stopped at the gate to my apartments. She planted a kiss on my forehead, “Do you want me to come with you to your house?”. “That’s ok Priya. Its safe inside”. “Ok then sweetheart. I will see you soon”. “Bye”. She sped off into the darkness. I smiled to myself and turned to walk into my apartment block.

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